Ginger Molasses Rum Cookies, Joe Froggers

I’ve never had “Joe Froggers” before, so I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect from them. I was hoping for something like a giant ginger snap. Unfortunately, I think I may have under-baked them a bit. They seemed done, and I baked them for a full 10 minutes, but they are really soft and sticky. It’s not bad, but I think I would have preferred a crisper cookie.  I cut the recipe in half, so it’s definitely possible that I mis-measured an ingredient here or there. I also skipped rolling them out and just scooped and flattened them into a disc. I was surprised at how much mine spread. Usually cut out cookies hold their shape pretty well. 

I really liked the first cookie that I ate, but the more I try the less I enjoy them. They taste very strongly of molasses, it’s overwhelming actually. I can taste a touch of ginger but the molasses flavor cuts through strongly. They remind me of historic baking samples that they hand out at tourist destinations like Colonial Williamsburg. It is certainly interesting to try, but I am thankful that current American desserts trend towards chocolate.
Baked Sunday Mornings

4 thoughts on “Ginger Molasses Rum Cookies, Joe Froggers

  1. I sort of hate molasses, but made these anyways so I could use up the molasses I’d used for a pear tart’s crust *years* ago! Lol… I actually subbed a little golden syrup for the molasses, too. 🙂

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