Malted Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème

CremeThis week’s Baked Sunday Morning recipe is for Malted Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème from Baked Elements. I was really excited to try this. “Pot de Crème” just sounds delicious. It is also not terribly complex to make. When a recipe is “à la française” I am always worried that I am about to start a fiendishly difficult recipe, like making croissants from scratch.  Fortunately, making a custard is not as difficult as that. Hot cream is added to chocolate, which is then added to some egg yokes. The addition of some sugar adds sweetness, and in this case a bit of malted milk (I bought Carnation) is added for flavor. The mixture is then baked in a hot water bath for around twenty minutes, and then cooled in the fridge for about three hours.  It took a bit of patience to wait that long to taste them, but overall the recipe was not too taxing and was fairly quick to put together. However, I would highly recommend using half dark chocolate as suggested as an alternative for the recipe. I would also suggest using half as much salt. While the texture of mine came out perfectly, they were aggressively sweet, with a strange noticeable saltiness to them. I couldn’t detect malt at all. It actually tasted a lot like a salted caramel pudding.  It wasn’t bad exactly, just not what I think the recipe was shooting for. I also had a bit of trouble figuring out how to place the malt balls as decoration. Everything other than just putting one in the center looked a bit wacky. I’m curious to see what my fellow bakers come up with. This one was fun to try , but I’m not sure if this recipe is one that I would make a second time. Have a good week everyone!

Baked Sunday Mornings

11 thoughts on “Malted Milk Chocolate Pots de Crème

  1. Sounds like this one did not come together as well as hoped. I halved the salt as I used table salt and tasted lots of malt, etc. We thought these were great…a nice change from all the dark chocolate that is our usual choice.

  2. I mixed dark and milk chocolate in my recipe an they came out great tasting. I love the salt taste in it , but not everyone does, as some of my family expressed!

  3. Totally agree on the saltiness. It was quite pronounced with these in mine too, and were I to make them again (not sure I would, I’m not a malt fan), I would use less salt and probably add some dark chocolate. Loved your blog because I could understand a lot of the ‘issues’ you had. Your pots de creme still look lovely!

  4. I know what you mean– I don’t generally undertake many classical French recipes because they tend to be so intensive, but these were surprisingly easy to put together. Sorry you weren’t crazy about the results– I wonder what the deal was the salt? I think a few people mentioned an overly salty flavor. I too think the single malt ball in the center looks great. 🙂

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