Sunday Night Cake

Cake!This week’s recipe is for something called Sunday Night Cake from Baked Explorations. It’s a simple one layer yellow cake with a dash of cinnamon thrown in for a bit of spice. When a recipe calls for cinnamon I usually double or triple the amount, because I am crazy for cinnamon, but in this case I decided to follow the recipe as written. The cake was very easy to mix together, not even requiring so much as separating an egg. I guess that is what makes it an ideal “Sunday night cake.” The cake rose beautifully while baking, and after 45 minutes looked ready to come out of the oven.

While the cake was baking I worked on the frosting. I’ve never made a chocolate frosting like this one before, and I must say I was very impressed. It was quite easy and came out rich, thick, and easy to spread. I can see it becoming a standard frosting recipe in my repertoire.  Next time I make it I might use bittersweet instead of unsweetened chocolate, because it did taste quite dark. I would also add a bit of espresso powder or Kahlua, depending on what sort of dessert it would be paired with.

Overall I feel like the cake is just ok. There’s nothing wrong with it exactly, and I enjoyed a slice for breakfast with a cup of coffee, but I feel like it’s lacking in something. It is moist and has a good light texture, but I think it would be improved by jazzing it up a bit, adding in other flavors, like vanilla, bourbon, nutmeg or citrus. I even think it would be great with a handful of mini chocolate chips thrown in. I am crazy about the frosting though, and would definitely make that again.

Slice.Had a bit of trouble typing this morning with my Boston Terrier snoozing on my arm.Dog.

Have a great week everyone!
Baked Sunday Mornings

8 thoughts on “Sunday Night Cake

  1. Your frosting turned out beautifully! Looks great draped over the cake. The frosting does seem good (I still can’t taste anything I eat). I liked how it came together. The texture of the cake seems heavier than a normal cake.(texture is the only thing I got out of it when I tried a piece) Again, because I can’t taste, can’t comment on the flavour, but that didn’t seem like enough cinnamon to get a cinnamon taste. I like your idea of adding different flavourings.

  2. I wish I’d added a bit more cinnamon…I added vanilla to both the cake and the frosting…glad I did, but wish I’d thought about more cinnamon. The frosting is the best part of this project…I”ll make this chocolaty pudding fromsting often.

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