Lacy Panty Cakes

PancakeWhen I first got Baked Elements, “Lacy Panty Cakes” was the very first recipe that I saw when I opened the book. I burst out laughing. It’s the kind of recipe name that is campy and weird, but also really interesting. When I invited some friends over last night, I told them that I was making “boozy pancakes.”  I thought if I opened with “Come over to my place, I’m making Lacy Panty Cakes…” they would have thought I was a crazy person. Luckily I didn’t tell them what the recipe was called until later in the evening, and we all had a good laugh.

These pancakes are delicious.  They caramelized in the pan a bit, making for a tasty crunchy exterior. They also don’t taste overpoweringly of alcohol which is nice. And the sauce! I have a lot of it left over, and I am planning on putting it on everything in the near future. I might even put a little bit on breakfast oatmeal.

These were also very easy to make. It’s not that different than a standard pancake recipe, except there is a lot more sugar and some crushed up graham crackers. Oh and the extra special ingredient, whiskey.

Pancake Cooking

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6 thoughts on “Lacy Panty Cakes

  1. Your sound great. I was hoping for a crunchy exterior, but it never happened. I think that is what my hubbie found most disappointing…he loves the crunch to the exterior. So glad yours turned out! And you got to share them with friends. 🙂

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