Cheddar Corn Soufflé

SouffleThis week’s recipe is for a Cheddar Corn Soufflé. It’s nice to have a savory recipe once in awhile, especially for something that I’ve never made before. The instructions seemed pretty straight forward, a roux made with butter, flour and milk, then added eggs yolks, spices, and folding in whipped egg whites. Sharp cheese and corn are added for flavor. I definitely recommend adding more corn than the recipe calls for, I doubled the amount and even then thought it could have used more. I skipped the recommended nutmeg, as I don’t care for it in savory dishes. I was a bit anxious, since I don’t own souffle dishes or anything that I thought seemed close. I almost used an enameled cast iron pot, since it had high sides, but I read that might cause the bottom to brown too much. I ended up using small tart pans, and I think it worked out ok. Souffle

We had these for dinner with a nice spinach salad. When they came out of the oven my husband and I had a funny conversation along the lines of “So…what exactly is a soufflé?” asked my husband, staring down at his plate. “Uh, I don’t know!” I replied. “I guess I’ve never had one before. I think it’s like a custard?” The texture was light and airy, with a strong egg taste. I enjoyed it, I love cheddar, and the bits of corn were delicious. However I also love egg dishes, from deviled eggs to quiche, count me a fan. My husband, not so much, but he did finish his with no complaints. I don’t know if I would make this again, but it was fun to try. I am intrigued enough to try a dessert version sometime.
Baked Sunday Mornings
Next week: Aunt Sassy Cake

6 thoughts on “Cheddar Corn Soufflé

  1. Your soufflé looks great. I’m glad I tried it too, as I had never made one before. It was a nice flavour. And I agree, a dessert one would be intriguing. Great job!

  2. It looks gorgeous in the pie dish– nice job! 🙂 It was my first time making one too (just made it last night and still working on the blog!), and I was thrilled with how it came out! I love your blog re-design, by the way– looks like you moved on over to WordPress. 🙂

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