Triple Rum Black Pepper Cake

This week we made a Triple Rum Black Pepper Cake, and it might be my favorite recipe yet. It was very easy to make, I had all of the ingredients on hand, and man is it delicious. I was a little bit worried about the addition of black pepper, but thought I would give it a try.

CakeHonestly I couldn’t taste it at all, so I might just omit it next time that I make this. And I am definitely planning on making it again. I cut down on the amount of syrup and glaze a little bit, but I feel like it came out really well.  It was also not overwhelmingly sweet, which I enjoyed.

IMG_2343 1I thought the amount of booze was perfect, you could enjoy the rum flavor without any harshness. I can see where this cake could lend itself well to variations using other kinds of booze, like limoncello, coconut, kahlua  whiskey…mmm.

IMG_2344 1IMG_2355

Have a great week everyone!Baked Sunday Mornings

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Sunrise Key Lime Tarts


Sunrise Key Lime Tarts, what a delightful name. This tart could easily be called a margarita tart. Salt, tequila, limes and triple sec, a delightful summer cocktail, and a delightful twist on key lime pie.  Full disclosure though-I actually hate key lime pie.  One of my husband’s happiest birthday desserts was the year my dad made him a key lime cheesecake, which ironically combined the only two desserts I generally cannot stand, but that my husband adores. This is not to say that I do not love citrus, I do! But generally I prefer a generous helping of sugar to cut their tartness.  So I wasn’t expecting to love this recipe, but wanted to try it since I knew that my husband would love it.  Bonus, the instructions seem really easy.

Pretzel crust, where have you been all my life.  Long ago I concluded that graham crackers for crusts pale in comparison to practically every other cookie-vanilla wafers, oreos, ginger snaps, short bread, I could go on. But never had it occurred to me the possibilities of pretzels. I think that a vanilla wafer pretzel combination crust might be ideal. The pretzels went into a food processor for a spin, then added to melted butter and a bit of sugar. Pressed into mini pie pans, they were then baked for about ten minutes.

The custard bit was also easy to put together, lime zest and juice, egg yolks and sweetened condensed milk.  The recipe called for a bit of tequila, but I used cachaca, a Brazilian rum, since that’s what I had on hand. It’s featured in a lime cocktail called a caipirinha so I knew that it would go as well with the recipe as tequila. It didn’t seem like I had nearly enough liquid to fill the pie tins, so I ended up with relatively flat tarts.


I was a little worried about their appearance when I put them in the oven. The lime zest and the yellow custard looked a lot like quiche with green onions. I’m not really sure how I could improve upon that, except to completely cover the top with whipped cream.


My husband enjoyed these, and I would probably make them again for people who really like key lime pie (or margaritas, I’m looking at you Mom.) I had a couple of bites to taste test, and well, it tastes like key lime pie. The sweet tart combination with the pretzel salt was really refreshing actually, but those two bites were enough for me. Have a good week everyone!

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