Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies

Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies were this week’s challenge from Baked Elements. Thankfully, they were no challenge at all. A simple chocolate drop cookie, but with the addition 4 ounces of cream cheese, cocoa powder, and some melted chocolate.  This is definitely a recipe to use high quality chocolate though, it really makes a difference.

IMG_2460They were a breeze to throw together and bake. However I was slightly disappointed with the results. The batter seemed to be slightly moister than my go to chocolate chip cookie recipe, which I didn’t think was a problem.  At 12 minutes I took them out of the oven, and while the cookies looked done, I discovered after cooling a bit that some of them were a bit under baked. Some of the cookies were the perfect texture, and slid right off the cookie sheet. But a few were so soggy that they didn’t hold their shape at all. I don’t think I’ve ever had a batch of cookies cook so unevenly before. Maybe I let too much heat escape when I rotated my pans halfway through. IMG_2461

Other than the slightly gooey texture (and really, many people might consider that an asset) these were ok.  I am crazy about chocolate chip cookies, and I measure every recipe against Dorie’s from Baking: From My Home to Yours. I have yet to find a better recipe than the one in that book. In this case, I’m not sure that the cream cheese really added anything noticeable or beneficial. While I did enjoy these I didn’t find them terribly enticing. These reminded me of an old chocolate chip cookie recipe my mom used to make, that called for adding a packet of Jello chocolate pudding mix. Except I like the Jello version better.

I was so impressed with everyone’s Mississippi Mud pies last week that I went out and bought all of the ingredients that I need to make one myself. I can’t wait to try it.

Have a good week everyone!

Baked Sunday Mornings

5 thoughts on “Cream Cheese Chocolate Snacking Cookies

  1. I will have to look for that Dorie recipe. I am always trying to find an even better chocolate chip cookie recipe. I had the best luck with these cookies, after I froze the dough. I baked them from frozen and they held their shape better.

  2. Thanks for the tip on Dorie Greenspan’s chocolate chip cookie recipe. I have that book and haven’t attempted her recipe yet. As you’ll see in my blog, I have hideous luck with chocolate chip cookies! LOL! I felt much the same as you did on these – “eh”. Won’t be making them again anytime soon, if ever.

  3. I like these and thought the cream cheese added to the soft texture. I generally prefer a cookie that is slightly crunchy and loaded with chips and nuts but these were a nice change of pace.

  4. They were definitely a chocolate cookie and not too much more, but great for a chocolate fix, I think! I ate a lot more of the dough than I did the actual cookies… Lol!

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