Whiskey Peach Upside-Down Cake

CakeWhat a wonderful recipe this week, a Whiskey Peach Upside Down Cake. I love single layer cakes, especially ones where I don’t have to make a complicated frosting. Despite that, I don’t think I’ve ever made an upside down cake before. It was really easy to put together, with a guaranteed delicious moist result thanks to the batter baking in a fruity, caramelizing sauce. The whiskey flavor was pronounced, but not overpowering. If you’re not a fan of whiskey I would suggest cutting back on the amount, or just substituting vanilla.  I also threw in a handful of pecans with the peach topping, which I think added a nice crunch. If I made this again I might try substituting different fruits, like plums, pineapple, or pears. I’d also add a bit of salt to the caramel sauce, since it called for unsalted butter I think that the flavor was just a smidge bland.

CakeI served this at a get together we threw for my husbands flag football team.  I usually just make chocolate chip cookies, but I thought that this would be a great no fuss party cake.  Despite an abundance of chips, hot dogs, stuffed jalapenos, beer, and my cousin’s killer guacamole, the cake was gobbled up before the night was over.  It makes for a great, easy, summer cake.


Baked Sunday Mornings

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