Good Morning Sunshine Bars

Well these are Good Morning Sunshine Bars just delightful. I actually doubled the recipe, since a box of Chex cereal is enough to make two batches, and I’m pretty sure my co-workers are going to go crazy for these.


These are really easy, quick to make, and delicious, meeting all of my criteria for a great recipe.

IMG_2796I don’t really think I would change a thing about it. I considered not melting the chocolate chips, and just mixing them in with the peanuts…but the melted chocolate on top just looks so pretty.


Seriously, the picture practically took itself, these look so good.  I would definitely make these again. IMG_2793

Next week:Velvet Chocolate Walnut Fudge with Olive Oil and Fleur de SelBaked Sunday Mornings

5 thoughts on “Good Morning Sunshine Bars

  1. They do look good! I didn’t double the recipe, but I did make them twice. Just have the second batch in the fridge to set the chocolate. Crazy! But I saw the idea for using candy corn and another for caramelia, so I combined both into the second batch!

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