Lime Angel Food Cake with Lime Glaze

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I’ve never made an angel food cake before, though it is one of my favorite desserts.  Generally cakes are my some least favorite things to make. I find them to be really fussy to get right, and I have too often been left with dense, dry textures or frosting that won’t set right. Though angel food cake may require a ridiculous amount of egg whites, a specific pan, and the strange instruction to invert the whole thing immediately after removing from the oven, I found it to be surprisingly easy to make.


It mainly involves whipping egg whites with superfine sugar and flavoring until they form stiff peaks, and then gently folding in flour. It reminded me of making marshmallow fluff, and come to think of it, angel food cake does have a light, fluffy, sticky quality akin to marshmallows. And, it is wonderfully, delicious.  I substituted almonds for the pistachios called for, and thought it was an excellent topping with the lime glaze. The cake was supremely moist, and lightly sweet. I used barely any of the lime syrup, since I didn’t really care for it when I tried it, but I do think they small amount that I used was plenty to add a refreshing sweet tartness.

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I look forward to making more angel food cakes in the future, though I would recommend skipping that flavor combination unless you are crazy about limes.

I was a bit flummoxed by the superfluous egg yolks. I decided to try my hand a vanilla frozen custard, as I don’t use my ice cream maker nearly enough. I used Alton Brown’s recipe, if anyone else needs ideas on what to do with ten extra egg yolks.  It is very tasty!
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4 thoughts on “Lime Angel Food Cake with Lime Glaze

  1. Your cake looks beautiful! I didn’t make it this week- I admit I was afraid of all those eggs and also didn’t have the pan, but your cake has convinced me to try!

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