Hair of the Dog Cake

IMG_4852Hair of the Dog Cake, or Rum Soaked Caramelized Deliciousness. I love easy cakes. Simple, one pan, no fuss creations, that’s me. And this cake was easy every step of the way. However, if you don’t like rum, I’d recommend modifying this recipe. It is one of the booziest cake I have ever had. The flavor does lessen over time, but whoa, right out of the oven the flavor was hugely alcoholic. IMG_4842 IMG_4843







Probably because you literally pour rum all over it.

Now for the fun part of this recipe. The easiest way to carbonize all of my hard work is probably to put the whole buttery pan two inches from a 500 degree broiler, but I tried it anyway.  I watched, some what apprehensive, as the sugar bubbled and caramelized. But wow, the results are really awesome. Why aren’t there more cakes that do this? It’s a genius idea. 

Oddly, this cake reminded me most of syrup drenched pancakes, except instead of maple you have rum.

If you loved this cake as much as I did, I have a recommendation for you. Over the holidays my mom and I tried Pioneer Woman’s Sticky Cherry Cake, which is similar to this one in that it’s a single layer cake soaked in a delicious syrup. The Cherry Cake is sadly not flambeed, but it is still quite good.

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6 thoughts on “Hair of the Dog Cake

  1. It reminded me of syrupy pancakes too! Especially seeing the frosting seep down the sides of the pan. I love Pioneer Woman, I’ll have to check out her recipe. This cake seemed kind of comfort-food/old fashioned to me, love it!

  2. This really was a great one! I’m not a huge fan of boozy desserts, and I was surprised that it wasn’t as boozy as I expected, considering how much is in there! What brand of rum did you use? I bought a bottle of The Kraken for this because Matt wrote in the intro that it’s important to use good-quality rum here. What a difference!! I’ve used cheap rum in the past, and I definitely noticed that this time there was no harsh alcohol aftertaste. Beautiful job, Liz! 🙂

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