Dad’s Black Cocoa Bundt with Butter Whiskey Glaze

IMG_5207I wasn’t crazy about this cake. To be fair, I couldn’t find black cocoa powder (so bummed about that), but I’m not sure if that would have made much of a difference. I’m curious to see what the other bakers think of it, as it’s not something I’ve ever used. The bundt cake turned out alright. It was chocolatey and moist, but I found the texture was a bit uneven, and overall the cake just seemed kind of boring.  The batter had a strong mocha flavor that unfortunately didn’t carry over to the the finished cake. The glaze was an ok powdered sugar glaze, but didn’t really add any flavor but extra sweetness.IMG_5208I thought the whole thing would have been tastier if you made a syrup with granulated sugar, melted butter and whiskey and poured that over the cake instead of using a frosting.

Baked Sunday Mornings

4 thoughts on “Dad’s Black Cocoa Bundt with Butter Whiskey Glaze

  1. I think the black cocoa does make a difference because the cake wasn’t very sweet, so the sweetness of the glaze works with it. I’m surprised, though, that it made so much difference to the texture of the cake. I found black cocoa powder on

  2. I’m sorry you were just ok about this cake. We loved it, including the glaze.

    I hope the next baking project will be more satisfying.

  3. Sorry this wasn’t a hit for you, Liz. I am a lover of black cocoa and highly recommend getting acquainted with it– it lends a really neat flavor to baked goods, a darkness like Oreos. I agree with Susan that the glaze works with it because the black cocoa makes the cake less sweet, and it gives it a bit of smokiness. I’m glad you liked this week’s cake better! 🙂

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