Orange Buttermilk Picnic Cake with Chocolate Chips

IMG_5338I thought this cake was delicious! If you are a fan of the combination of orange and chocolate you will adore this cake. It is easy to put together, very flavorful, and super moist.  IMG_5336It’s not the prettiest cake in the world, but the taste more than makes up for it.  I accidently carmelized my syrup the first time around, so I’d suggest keeping an eye on it. Luckily I had an extra orange so I just made it a second time. I would definitely make this recipe again. 

Baked Sunday Mornings

4 thoughts on “Orange Buttermilk Picnic Cake with Chocolate Chips

  1. I thought the same thing when I took this out of the pan this morning – this cake is so homely looking. But you’re right – the flavour makes up for it!

  2. Yes, so plain looking – but pretty tasty, even if it isn’t my favorite combination. I’d definitely make it again, maybe with lemon instead of orange.

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