Traditional Linzer Cookies

These Traditional Linzer Cookies were lovely.  My mom makes wonderful strawberry jam in the summer, and this was a great way to show it off.


The only difficulty I had was in rolling out my dough, not through any fault of the recipe, but because I tried to make these in the middle of a string of 90+ degree days. Our air conditioner struggled, our house was uncomfortably warm, and my dough went from fridge cooled to room temperature very quickly. If I had thought ahead I would have put my rolling pin in the freezer to help keep the dough chilled.  I froze half of my dough for another, more temperate,  day.


Despite some stickiness, I did managed to put together some tasty cookies.   With the powdered sugar on top this recipe really does make a very picturesque treat. Pretty tasty too. IMG_7357
Baked Sunday Mornings

3 thoughts on “Traditional Linzer Cookies

  1. Mmmm, homemade strawberry jam! I had sticky dough problems too and had to use a ton of flour while I was rolling these out — and I just abandoned the idea of trying to roll them thin. Pretty cookies!

  2. Wow, you really persevered with getting your dough thin despite the heat. Your cookies and that jam look delicious!

    Maybe the secret reason there are so many “special Christmas cookies” that use roll-out dough is it’s impossible to work with refrigerate-and-roll doughs in the summer time? I am looking forward to cooler weather just so I stop feeling like a fool whenever I turn on the oven to bake…

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