World Peace Cookies


These were great, I’m definitely saving the recipe to make again! Perfect for anyone who LOVES chocolate. I think I’ve only made slice and bake cookies a couple of times before. These were easy to slice, though a bit crumbly. I made half right away and froze half the dough for later, which worked out beautifully.

Happy New Year!

Pfefferneusse and Christmas Spice Cookies


The Pfefferneusse were easy and delicious! I would definitley make them again. They don’t look all that fancy but the flavors or orange and spice were delightful.


The Holiday Spice cookies were a little more work, but equally delicious. I went ahead and made the full batch of sugar cookie dough from Dorie’s Cookies, theoretically enough dough for 80 cookies. I separated it into four flat discs and froze it for later. From defrosted I kneaded in the spices, and the dough was easy to roll and cut into shapes, making delicious crisp and spicy cookies. Definitely a holiday winner.