Coffee Malteds

These coffee malteds were pretty good! I used my extra small cookie scoop so I ended up with perfectly bite sized coffee flavored cookies. They were easy to make and not too sweet, so I added a powdered sugar glaze. I wish they were more buttery, but other than that they were a delightful treat. 

Exceedingly Chocolate Crinkles

These Exceedingly Chocolate Crinkles are delicious. They have a very chocolatey (surprise!) flavor, with a moist cakey texture. Very easy to put together, the only thing I didn’t have on hand was the six ounces of chocolate, which was easily remedied with a trip to the convenience store around the corner. (They were having a BOGO on gourmet chocolate bars, so I took that as a good sign for the rest of my morning.) 

I would definitely make these again, so simple, and such perfect little chocolate treat.

Baked Sunday Mornings