Lemon Lime Champagne Granita

Eh…I was not crazy about this recipe. I omitted the lime completely and cut the recipe in half, which neatly used up a single miniature bottle of champagne. Considering how much I love champagne, it was a relief to not have to waste much of it. If you like sorbet, snow cones or slushies, you will probably like granita.  Unfortunatley for me, most frozen desserts that aren’t ice cream just make me wish that I was eating ice cream.

LemonPros-this is really easy to make if you’re planning on being near your freezer for a six hour block of time, and lemon and sugar are always delicious together. Negatives-this tastes very strongly of wine, and well, it’s just ice.

LemonI had absolutely no desire to eat more than a spoonful. It would have been better without the champagne, or with vodka instead perhaps! Like a limoncello. Come to think of it, I just wish I had made limoncello.

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Chocolate-Chip Orange Panettone

cake2I adore panettone, it’s one of those things that pops up every Christmas, just like how suddenly everything is pumpkin flavored in October, and then peppermint flavored in December.  I’ve never had homemade panettone, in fact I don’t know anyone who’s ever even attempted it.  My experience is limited to a co-worker who brings the boxed version into work every year around the holidays. This Chocolate-Chip Orange version is glorious, and such a wonderful variation on the traditional flavors. I had most of the ingredients on hand, except for the iconic panettone wrapper. Baked Elements mentioned a few alternatives, such as a metal coffee can (now that is an experiment for another day), but I found my local Sur La Table selling the wrappers for only a dollar. dough
Rising dough. photo 5 (1)
This recipe called for homemade candied orange peel, something that I have never eaten, much less made. Luckily they were very easy, basically just boiling orange peels, and then boiling them again in sugar syrup. They turned into something similar to gummy candy, and the leftover syrup was really nice in tea. I used clementines because I had some on hand in my fridge  and figured this would be a great recipe to use them up.
The texture didn’t turn out quite like I expected, a bit more like a cake than bread. I may have over baked it a touch. I waited until the thermometer reached the specified temperature, but I think it would have been better to take it out earlier. Luckily it was still really delicious, and a great combination of flavors, I love citrus anyway, and the orangey flavor of the cake combined with the sweetness from the chocolate chips is supremely tasty. Happy holidays! cake1cake3

Happy holidays!

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