Date Squares

IMG_2973Date Squares are delicious! I wasn’t sure what to expect from these, I thought they would be a bit like fig newtons. Then my husband wandered into the kitchen and said “Do you remember when we were in college and my grandma sent us a box of date bars, and we couldn’t stop eating them?”

“Wait, those were date bars? Those were awesome!”


These are really easy to make, and other than the dates, only require basic kitchen staples. Chopping up a pound of dates is a bit of a tiresome, sticky, mess, but I found it’s not so bad if combined with a singalong to Mariah Carey’s Christmas album. Tis the season and all that. I used my kitchen shears to pit and mangle the dates into tiny pieces, which seemed like it would be a lot easier than using a knife.


I think these might become a holiday staple in our house, I would make them again. Definitley if I can find already chopped dates!

2 thoughts on “Date Squares

  1. OMG, kitchen shears– you are brilliant, Liz. That did not even cross my mind, and you’re right that it would be so much easier! I’ll have to remember that for next time. Your squares look awesome– looks like most of us were pleasantly surprised this week after being pretty skeptical! 🙂

  2. They were pretty awesome. 🙂 True the chopping was a bit tedious…but so worth it in the end.
    I love it when Jimmy Fallon and the Roots sing with others. They are so talented and funny.

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