Easter Coconut Sheet Cake


This Easter Coconut Sheet Cake was delicious! I was so pleased with how well it came out. The cake was moist, coconutty, and not too sweet.  I couldn’t find coconut cream at Safeway, and Trader Joe’s was sold out of cream of coconut, so after a quick google search I decided to substitute heavy cream.

I was a little apprehensive about the frosting, as I’ve had trouble with Baked’s buttercream recipes in the past. But this one came together with no trouble. I took the butter out of the freezer when I started making the cake, and by the time I got to making the frosting I think it had warmed to the perfect, yet vague, “cool but not cold”  temperature. I skipped the piping and coloring recommended in the book. While the result in Baked Occasions is adorable, I decided to simply go with some shredded coconut on top.

Despite how pleased I was with the results, I’m not sure if I would make this again. It is a lot of work! (Mainly because having 9 egg yolks left over meant I had to make ice cream and lemon bars too :).)


Baked Sunday Mornings

5 thoughts on “Easter Coconut Sheet Cake

  1. I totally agree! It’s a lot of work (and eggs!), so I think it’s best saved for a special occasion. Definitely not a thing you just whip up on a random Saturday (even though that’s what I did…hopefully my co-workers enjoy it tomorrow!). Looks great with coconut sprinkled overtop!

  2. YUM! I will definitely have to make this one up. I love coconut – and I would have frosted it the same way you did – I’m not sure I have the patience for so many colors and dollops.

  3. Looks awesome! Yes, it is super delicious, but so many dishes to wash! I have a suggestion for the eggs: I started freezing egg whites in ziploc bags any time I make a recipe that calls for egg yolks. Now I have tons of egg whites saved up, so I didn’t have to waste egg yolks to make this cake… Not that it’s so bad to have ice cream and lemon bars hanging around… 😉

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